This sums up my life pretty well


This sums up my life pretty well



I would like to awe over how realistic Attack on Titan is. 

It would have been easy to write Carla as any other anime mother. Isayama could have given her a heroic death, the only heroic death to date in the series if my memory is correct, but he didn’t, he gave her a human death.

Of course she is a loving mother, seconds ago she valued her kids’ lives above her own. She wants to always be there for them, to shelter them and protect them and love them. When she realized she could not escape, even if freed from the debris, she put up a heroic front telling Eren and Mikasa to run and leave her. Maybe at the time it wasn’t a front, she was truly resolved to throw away her life in the hope of them living. Her final moments with them were spent urging them to to leave her and being as strong as she could in the face of eminent death. She tried to show strength until her very last moment.

But she didn’t.

The second they leave you can see the regret in her eyes as she breaks down. That isn’t the look of a mother who is ready to die happy with the knowledge that her children are safe, that is the look of a human whose final moments are spent in regret and self-hate. She watches her children go and instantly takes everything back, and at the same time she is repulsed with herself. She knows it’s for the best, but in that moment she only wishes that they were back. Maybe she thought that they could have actually freed her, or maybe she simply didn’t want to die alone.

Regardless, I think it’s beautiful. Not the death of a mother, not the tragedy but that it is human. The emotions in this are so deeply human and powerful. 

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